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Multimedia management

EURIX expertise in multimedia management covers different areas in the analysis, processing and exploitation of digital media contents, offering innovative solutions based on leading technologies and standards, for the following fields:

  • Audiovisual Digital Preservation
  • Automatic Digital Media Content Processing and Enrichment
  • Audiovisual Metadata and Digital Media Rights Management


Audiovisual Digital Preservation

EURIX provides an integrated platform for digital preservation of A/V content and long term access. The solution is fully compliant to the OAIS model, the reference standard for tDigital preservationhe design and implementation of digital archives. Management and archive access supports a variety of metadata representation standards and A/V content formats. Data management, administration and preservation planning activities are implemented covering different preservation workflows and scenarios, such as format and storage migration, fixity checks and recovery or automatic replication. The solution can be customized for small archives or large institutions, supporting different configurations for permanent storage on discs and tapes. The core components of the platform are built on top of open technologies and standards, enabling easy integration with external systems and services.

EURIX is partner of PrestoPRIME [1], an European project investigating and developing solutions for digital preservation of A/V content and is also leading the Multimedia Preservation working group in MPEG, for the definition of a new ISO standard for the representation of preservation information

[1] http://www.prestoprime.eu

Automatic Digital Media Content Processing and Enrichment

EURIX offers complete solutions for automatic content enrichment (download EURIXMEDIA brochure), based on innovative technologies for the analysis and processing of A/V content,  including acquisition, digitization, documentation, categorization and publication of  multimedia content with a fully automatic feature extraction process.

Eurixmedia logoEURIX expertise in software development and integration covers all aspects of digital media value chain: A/V capture software, video segmentation with scene detection and shot clustering, visual pattern recognition and clip matching, voice recognition and identification, speech-to-text transcription, text analysis and semantic categorization, digital rights management, feature and metadata extraction, and indexing for content based similarity search and retrieval.

EURIX solutions can be customized for small archives or large institutions such as broadcasters, in order to build added value services and systems for different domains, such as publication of enriched multimedia content or  automatic news identification. 

EURIX adopts leading technologies for software design and development, supporting different systems and architecture and adopting open standards for interoperable solutions.

EURIX benefits from participation in several national and European projects, in collaborations with academies and research institutions and is also member of standardization bodies, such as MPEG, leading working groups for the development of multimedia standards

.eurix media

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Audiovisual Metadata and Digital Media Rights Management

EURIX offers advanced technologies for representing, indexing and searching metadata associated to  A/V content, including digital media rights, based on open standards. Descriptive, technical, rights and preservation metadata are required for managing A/V materials in an archive.

EURIX provides software components for indexing and searching all kinds of A/V metadata, making use of different technologies for building distributed and scalable systems, enabling content based search and retrieval. EURIX solutions enable indexing of content metadata using typical P2P technologies, such as distributed hash tables, or fast and scalable no-SQL databases or native XML solutions.

EURIX solution for digital rights is based on open standards, used for representing rights information in B2C and B2B environments. In collaboration with RAI, RadioTelevisioneIta