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Intelligent vision system

EURIX has been involved in several research projects dealing with automatic video/images analysis in order to identify specific patterns, ROI and extract latent semantic.

intelligent vision systemIn collaboration with the National Observatory in Torino, EURIX is analysing and developing the software for the GAIA [GAIA] astrometric European project, in order to perform the CCD calibration and sphere reconstruction processing.

Within automotive environment, EURIX has developed software for QR code management, automatic pattern recognition, and multi-sensor management exploited in the ADOSE [ADOSE] international project.

We have been asked to set up a complete system for automatic recognition of traffic signs by patrolling vehicles, including their GPS localization and reflectivity damage. Some results are published at [GAL-PMI] and w have some published papers [EuroImsa2009]

Currently we are improving the techniques for pattern recognition, automatic video segmentation, etc.. experimenting new technologies and algorithm such as SIFT, SURF and the current emerging standard MPEG on Compact Descriptors for Visual Search (CDVS).


  • [GAIA]
  • [ADOSE]
  • [GAL-PMI]
  • [EuroImsa2009] Walter Allasia and Francesco Gallo and Mario Ferraro and Michele Vigilante and Christian Culeddu - Automatic Video Processing for Traffic Sign Recognition - The Fifth IASTED European Conference on Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications - Cambridge, United Kingdom - 13.7.2009