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Innovative monitoring

An important field of research in EURIXGROUP is the design and implementation of innovative software frameworks for analyzing the levels of efficiency and service of technological systems even of a different nature (energy production, heating, water) in order to make available both to the end-user basic monitoring tools (Web control systems and innovative interfaces with event notification) and service operators problems tracking tools.

Many systems installed are equipped with control systems arranged for the storing of operating data, but the use of these data is only partially exploited.

Therefore, EURIXGROUP framework software wants to demonstrate how, through the analysis of these data, it’s possible to achieve the following objectives:

  • identifying malfunctions and suggesting their effects on plants so as to direct the technical activities in order to minimize disruptions.
  • building operations benchmark grouped by type of system in order to highlight differences in function and use
  • creating a platform for advanced reporting for field operators and end users. In particular, using those kind of framework you’re able to analyze consumption and to determine the degree of efficiency with respect to plants of the same type.

These objectives will be achieved through the development of specific tools by which it will be possible to model the behavior of systems by presenting the output with the use of innovative graphical tools.

In addition to laboratory data obtained through simulations, an important element is giveb by the real data provided by Turin, a true “district heating” with  about 2000 plants of heating units already installed and several photovoltaic plants 20kWp . The analysis of the case-study "district heating" will be based on the data of the transport network (pressures), the heat exchangers (flow rates, pump status and temperature) and operating parameters of heating (temperature, hours of operation, etc. ).

The analysis of the case-study PV is  linked to the operating parameters of the system (energy, solar radiation, voltage).

The output of this kind of framework is represented by a web portal (designed also for tablet devices and smartphones) that will collect the applications listed above.