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Innovative monitoring

The information you need is all around you. The challenge is to access it in a reliable, cost-effective way.

EURIX wireless sensor networking enables a new class of wireless monitoring and control solutions, providing greater flexibility than wired systems and  saving time and money on installation.

green web imageEURIX has overcome the reliability, power consumption, and complexity barriers inherent in legacy point-to-point wireless systems, offering our customers solutions that satisfy both technical and economic requirements of the most demanding environments.

The activity focuses on energy and environmental comfort issues, providing datalogging solutions and services.

The innovative approach of EURIX solution focuses on our ability to monitor and analyze collected data via a Web-Oriented architecture, to configure probes operating parameters, and to send critical values that trigger programmed actions.

EURIX can claim specific experiences in designing applications for embedded systems and in customizing traditional operating systems to act in low footprint environments.


Wireless Low Power solution for acquiring and monitoring data

WEOLO® is a modular system for recording  measures acquired by wireless sensor networks.

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WEOLO® is recommended for the following areas:

  • energy & environment
  • recording informations related to energy consumption and microclimatic parameters
  • museum using temperature, relative humidity and lighting sensors for artistic heritage conservation analysis
  • structural monitoring cracks and damages progression and other parameters such as tilt and acceleration
  • compared to traditional datalogger
  • measures received from sensors are immediately available using a web browser, without install any software on the operator’s computer
  • data downloading doesn’t need anymore to connect each datalogger to the computer

The sensor can monitor up to two thresholds for each channel; threshold exceeding can be notified by text message or eMail.