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ForgetIT Project

The project ForgetIT, in its third year of work, has the purpose of studying and promoting a new approach to the "Digital Preservation", outside the traditional areas related to digital libraries or archives.

An international team of experts made up of experts in Digital Preservation, Information Management, Analysis of Multimedia, Storage, Cloud Computing, cognitive psychology, law and economics is working to develop a new model and a platform based on a approach named "Preserve or Forget".
The IT methodologies used in this context are expanded and supported by reference to the typical mechanisms of the functioning of human memory. In summary:

  • Managed Forgetting, which must integrate human memory managing a selection of resources for conservation.
  • Synergetic Preservation, with the aim of bridging the gap between the systems that deal with information management and those responsible specifically to Digital Preservation.
  • Contextualized Remembering, to enrich and archive content with their environment in order to ensure their use in time.

In addition to institutional links https://www.forgetit-project.eu we offer, this time, you can find more information in https://www.forgetit-project.eu/en/project-results/presentations Søren Schaffstein CEO dkd of Internet Service GmbH, Frankfurt, Hessen in Germany.