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Business intelligence

Business Intelligence systems (BI) are intended to explore data to extract information and knowledge which can be use in decision-making processes, through flexible extraction logics, methodological analysis and prediction and optimization mathematical models.

Business Intelligence imageAccording to current trends, COMMITWORLD classify BI features and methodologies in two main categories. On the one hand there are Performance Management and Basic Analytics tools, which allow to access to data contained in data warehouse, according to flexible and dynamic logic views, and to display main performance indicators in a synthetic and graphical way. On the other hand there are Advanced Analytics, which allow to develop more advanced analysis in methodological terms and are able to create competitive advantage.

COMMITWORLD, backed by years of proven expertise in projects, attends to drive its customers through a maturation process that involves four development stages.

  • Basic BI. In the first level companies use query e reporting features only in order to access to data contained in data warehouse in a flexible and well-timed way. BI systems are employed by individual business units without any integration project.
  • Focused BI. At the second level there are companies which, although characterized by a limited pervasiveness degree, with only one leader function that uses BI tools, push forward to employ business analytics.
  • Integrated BI. At the third level there are companies which make a pervasive use of BI tools for most of the business units, also restricting the tools used to the business performance management systems.
  • Strategic BI. At the fourth level there are companies which have transformed BI systems into a competitive advantage, thanks to a use both pervasive in different functions and intensive, with performance management and business analytics analysis.

Business intelligence image, a map of processCOMMITWORLD, through offered services, helps companies orient itself among highly competitive and technologically advanced scenarios that the market is imposing. The diffusion of social networks with their huge information potential, the growth of big data collection which contents mostly unstructured exabyte data, the availability of low cost cloud technologies able at handling big data on distributed scale, the capillary diffusion of mobile device able to access remotely to BI applications.
COMMITWORLD also follows with attention Business Intelligence real-time systems and systems which enable the self-service Business Intelligence. Real-time BI is seen as a set of technologies and models able to manage a stream of information through high performance analysis tools. Self-service BI provides users the possibility to answer automatically to its own informative properties and at the same time allows the ICT function to turn its attention to the management and to the system performances.
BI systems offered by COMMITWORLD could be summarized as follows:

  • Business intelligence imageOperational intelligence: enable effective sensing, monitoring, management and analysis of customer business
  • Business performance management: make critical decisions in business-as-usual, risk events and opportunities
  • Risk/compliance: monitor regulatory compliance and risk across divisions and geographies
  • Threat/fraud detection: predict, mitigate or reduce potentially destructive results
  • Customer Analytics: manage prospects and customer relationships through the entire life cycle by leveraging quality informations
  • Workforce productivity: measure and monitor workforce utilization and effectiveness to improve productivity